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JINS Golf Total Brand Promotion



07/2010 - 10/2010

  • Campaign / Promotion planning
  • Research / Consulting
  • Media planning / Buying
  • Produce
  • In-store sales promotion
  • Limited area sales promotion

JINS, the top selling eyewear brand in Japan launched JINS Golf, a specialty eyewear for golf players. As pre-launch consultation, Cosmo submitted reports on new market development and competitor analysis along with strategic directions for the launch. Then, Cosmo used its expertise, network and know-how in the golf market where it has much experience to build a total communications plan for the new eyewear brand. Cosmo commissioned golf pro Katsumasa Miyamoto to produce an exclusive model, seeded the products among many influencers and conducted full-fledged PR. As a result, the launch was a huge success and generated more than twice in sale than initially expected. Cosmo continues to conduct promotion campaign using Katsumasa Miyamoto as PR character. A sweepstakes campaign is being executed and winners will win prizes such as golf tournament tickets and Miyamoto’s golf drivers.