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Our business domain and organization structure

Account Team

Our Account Team is a package of experts covering three key areas of expertise: AP (Account Producer), MP (Media Planner) and DMP (Digital Media Planner). The unified team work closely to meet our clients’ diverse needs and to expand the communication reach of the brands and corporations.

This unique structure allows us to enhance and maximize our client services including:

  1. 1. deeper understanding of clients’ needs and sharing of relevant information across Account Executive Team, Media Buying Team and Strategy Planning Team
  2. 2. smooth and efficient system in collecting latest information on media and trends to share with clients and use effectively in media planning
  3. 3. execution of total communication strategy (PR mix) that creates organic mix of advertising and PR (especially effective in the fields of fashion and sports where we have vast network and expertise)
  4. 4. creation of communication system that link different platforms such as shops and brand websites in order to carry out effective socio marketing and build a solid fan base

Strategy Planning Team

The Strategy Planning Team supports the Account Team to identify and work on different challenges facing our clients in today’s market environment. Each member of Strategy Planning Team has different areas of expertise that they bring to the table when putting together the solution package. The Strategy Planning Team works as a well-oiled machine and expedites overall planning as well as creates a wide variety of solutions for our clients.

Cosmo’s New Generation Marketing

The roles expected in an advertising agency are beginning to change dramatically.

A keener marketing perspective is required as the market becomes more and more homogeneous on the surface.
Clients are also looking for promotional frameworks and mechanism that actually sell products and help enhance their sales efforts.

As the needs of clients become more and more complex and diverse, we are constantly challenged to think outside the box.

That is why we are always expanding outside the realm of our existing business territory to support our clients.

Examples of Cosmo’s new generation marketing projects
・Market consulting (case example: Jins Golf)
・Strategic PR (Starbucks, Nokia, McDonald’s, Schick)
We excel in creating news and stories that educate consumers about the brand.
・Self-owned media CGM solutions (Jeanasis, Tabio)
・Space branding (Speedo, Aspesi, Opaque)
・Sales promotion that actually sells products (Jins Golf)
・MD development (Jins Golf, Global Work, Converse, Ciaopanic, Tokyo Lab)
・Inner communication (Schick)
・Social design and social communications (Global Work, Converse)
Social activities that go beyond conventional CSR (such as charity donation) to create real connection with society.
・KPI development