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Our expertise best expressed in fashion and sports brand projects

How we view the market landscape (and the brands and their fans)

Our experiences in fashion and sports brand markets are our strong points and we consider them to be unique markets.

These markets are built with strong hierarchy structures in information, media and products.
The relationship between the brands and their fans are greatly affected by information and evaluation from other sources, not just direct information from the brand.

Fashion and sports markets are some of the most cutting edge markets where relationship-building between brands and consumers has become a major key factor. To build such relationships for the brands, we were challenged to leverage latest CGM tools to engage users to participate in brand projects and share sympathy among friends and peers.

Through the process of this shift, we have identified new issues:

  1. 1. Consumers’ tastes are becoming segmented and homogenized at the same time therefore previous marketing methods and target settings are becoming out of place.
  2. 2. New hierarchies are beginning to take shape. Opinion leaders’ information are not so influential as they were before.
  3. 3. Brands need to continue to communicate with users after they have purchased a product requiring brands to have a mindset that anticipate long term relationships.
  4. 4. Brands, retailers and agencies are all lacking know-how and standards to respond to the new needs of the changing society.

How do we execute communication design that strongly put forth the brand characteristics, have maximum efficiency and maintain sustainable growth while positioning brand-fan relationship-building as key pillar in a marketplace where the quality of information and customer priorities are beginning to change?

The answer lies in how we aspire to view the current market landscape (and the brands and their fans).

The new communication design

We think that marketing perspectives of “socio (social fan club) building” and “lifetime value creation” will be important keys to fashion and sports brand businesses as well as other markets that rely heavily on consumer taste.

Previously in the trend fashion business, it was a matter of fact that fans randomly come and go therefore brands did not put emphasis on communication that are designed to build strong connections with its customers. As the market climate changes, a new communication design is required that incorporates the relationship-building factor between the brands and its fan base.

Our focus is on a communication design that combines the following elements:
○ Reorganizing and leveraging of brand assets including self-owned media
○ Leveraging strategic media (fan media) and brand ambassador
○ Constructing social communication
○ Using mass media
In addition to applying traditional marketing methods including advertising, PR and Internet marketing, Cosmo offers proposals that position specialty media (socio media) at the center of relationship-building between the brand and its fans.

We also leverage know-how that was cultivated through fashion and sports marketing in other areas of lifestyle marketing.