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Our vision of an ideal partnership

Our goal is to become a “brand life consultant” that creates and designs the life plan for your brand whether it is a product, service or the company itself.

It is said that brands have a life of their own, just like people.
A brand may be a newborn, enjoying its momentum, or becoming obsolete.
It may be experiencing a “moteki”, a period when your popularity is hiked, or in the midst of “konkatsu”, a hunting season for a spouse. It may be facing credibility issues with a friend.
The cause may be the trends and times, or maybe the brand has brought it upon itself to be that way.

We want to help create a life plan for the brands, not in a superficial way or by cramming overnight, but to truly increase brand value so the brand can enjoy a long term relationship with their customers.

How am I viewed by others?
What is necessary to become more attractive?
How can I appeal myself once I am more attractive?
Should I ask a friend to recommend myself?
How can I make my message reach other people?

The issues and solutions differ from time to time. There may be gaps between ideals and reality.
For us, an ideal partnership is to conduct consulting with affection and with an objective viewpoint, not giving advice that is music to the ears and beneficial to the adviser.

[The key is to have a conversation based on trust]

We want to offer good ideas as professionals and at the same time be trusted as people.
We want to provide realistic advice and coordination not just ideal thoughts.
We want to be trusted and needed.
That is how Cosmo Communications wish to be as an ideal partner for you.