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“Communication is Our Business”

Have you seen our company logo? It was designed by Andy Warhol.
I was impressed by his talent in how he communicates with the world and society through his innovative ideas and brilliant expressions. I wanted my company to follow in his footsteps so I asked him to create a symbol to represent our company spirit.

The advertising business never stops to fascinate me. How can we put our finger on the pulse of the target audience and attract them? We pull many rabbits out of our hat to be ahead of the times, trying to be more accessible than art and more persuading than the words of politicians.

Our job is to move people’s hearts. We are constantly thinking, struggling and working on how we can appeal to people’s emotions. No matter how the advertising business changes in the future, we do not want to loose track of the basics that creates communication, and we want to be truly committed.

Our business is selling dreams to people. That is why we try make our work fun and tough at the same time. Cosmo is a group of people who love advertising and I am confident that you can expect a lot of good ideas and energy from our team. And please join us in feeling the joy of capturing people’s hearts.

Communication business
that moves people throughout the ages.

Iehito Edahiro,

CorporateSymbol  By Andy Warhol

CEO :  Iehito Edahiro